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Recorded on March 5, 2017 by Dante Fumo in Milwaukee, WI.
Mixed and mastered by Dante Fumo.


In 2010 Enbridge spilled 877,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River. It was the largest ever oil spill into an inland U.S. waterway. Sample from Support whistleblower John Bolenbaugh's work to document pipeline disasters.
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Art by our own Sam Szymborski. More on instagram @uglyelvis666


released May 2, 2017

Bryan Wysocki played drums
Sam Szymborski played guitar
Peter Murphy played bass
Each used their voice

John Larkin played trumpet on A Century of Crisis



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snag Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Hydraulic Fracturing Makes The Earth Shudder
(Canyons quaking/The trees are burning
Lives are breaking/Deer are dying)
I woke up in a country where the earth I thought was dead shook off its inhibitions and quaked in self defense. Was it enough? Was it enough to say it? Was it enough to wish that it were true?
Track Name: Cold Blooded Mammals
Is there blood in your veins? Is it frozen like the water on top of the lake? I can't see your face but I can still feel the poison you put in my veins.
Track Name: The Heat
I'm tired of this heat
Collapsed in the dirt
Covered with oil
Stolen from the ground

Maybe it's the heat but I can't breathe. Maybe it's just me.
Track Name: Capitalism is a Pyramid Scheme
Maybe it's time we changed our minds. Maybe it's long overdue. If we truly believe another world is possible, we know what to do.
(They have lost everything that they've gained.)
Track Name: Who Are Those Condos For, Anyway?
They're building up downtown//They want to wake up in the clouds// And we can't sleep now, with our heads on the ground (with our heads on the ground)
They scrape resin off the sky and breathe deep the rain//We're kept quiet and awake by the sound of decay (sounds of decay)
And though we open up our fists //to beg for or spare some loose change
We are so broke down that we can't get away.
I just want out//They're building up downtown//
I woke up in a cloud//I feel so broke down.
(Body problems, eating problems, drinking problems. We have problems.) (Building, burning, bleeding.)
Track Name: A Century of Crisis (For Enbridge)
one for the mountains cut down to hills / one for the forests cut for the mills / one for the oceans acid and dead / one for the heatwave never to end / one for the child alone in her womb / one for the cold and pain she'll feel soon / one for the meaning slowly it fades / one for your choices and one for mistakes / one for the fleeting feeling of hope / one for the stories that help us to cope / one for the stain you've been trying to hide / one for every effort to survive / a century drought / a century of flood / a century of ash / a century of blood.